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gem Favorite The palace of Choquequirao with the Rio Apurimac valley in the background.


(1) Huanipaca, PE
gem Favorite The observation tower atop Mount Tom, Sibley State Park, Minnesota.

Mount Tom

(1) New London, MN
gem Favorite Sky Pond early spring

Sky Pond

(1) Grand Lake, CO
gem Favorite The Alexandra River at its river flats near where Castleguard River empties into it. Looking downstream (east-northeast) the two peaks in the center are thought to be Mt. Amery (center left) and Willerval Mountain (center right).

Alexandra River Flats

(1) Lake Lo…, AB
gem Favorite The broad, powerful, silty Smoky River (foreground, right to center) flows to meet the smaller, clearer Sulphur River (darker river just left of center) at the Sulphur Gates - the cliffs the Smoky River is flowing through here.

Sulphur Gates

(1) Grande…, AB
gem Favorite Boardwalk trail

Canyon Falls

(1) L'Anse, MI
gem Favorite Fukugawa Falls

Fukugawa Falls

(1) Nago, JP
gem Favorite Profile of the famous white cliffs

White Cliffs of Dover

(1) Dover, GB
gem Favorite Waterfall #3 at Clark's Creek Woodville, Mississippi. Well worth the hike! ❤️

Clark's Creek 3rd Waterfall Woodville, Mississippi

(1) Woodville, MS
gem Favorite Boole Tree

Boole Tree

(1) Squaw V…, CA
gem Favorite Profile of Linville Falls from Plunge Basin

Linville Falls

(1) Newland, NC
gem Favorite View from Hunter Mountain Fire Tower looking east over Hunter, NY toward the Windham-Blackhead Range

Hunter Mountain Fire Tower

(1) Palenville, NY
gem Favorite Rainbow Bridge

Rainbow Bridge

(1) Escalante, UT
gem Favorite Chagoopa Falls plunges off 1,200 foot cliffs to land in the Kern River below on the Kern Canyon floor.

Chagoopa Falls

(1) Lone Pine, CA
gem Favorite The pretty Kern River seen from the east end of the Lower Kern Bridge.

Kern Canyon

(1) Three R…, CA
gem Favorite Western bank cliffs of the Kern Canyon are over 1,000 feet high here, near the Kern Hot Springs. Seen looking south at the canyon bottom on a beautiful early May morning.  The Kern River is to the right at the bottom of the cliffs but not visible here.

Kern Hot Spring

(1) Lone Pine, CA
gem Favorite View from Twin Cliffs Overlook


(1) unknown, unknown
gem Favorite Jug Handle Arch from Potash Road (Highway 279)

Jug Handle Arch

(1) Moab, UT
gem Favorite Sunset lights up the fins near Sand Dune Arch.

Sand Dune Arch

(2) Moab, UT
gem Favorite No Photos

Trap Falls

(1) Ashby, MA
gem Favorite Wildlife at the Harney Peak Fire Tower.

Black Elk Peak

(2) Custer, SD
gem Favorite Isabelle Lake surrounded by the Indian Peaks - stunning.

Lake Isabelle

(3) Nederland, CO
gem Favorite The bridge and rapids from the overlook.

The Bowl and Pitcher Area

(2) Town an…, WA
gem Favorite Foggy autumn view from halfway up the Balsam Lake Mountain Fire Tower

Balsam Lake Mountain Fire Tower

(2) Livings…, NY
gem Favorite Hickory Nut Falls

Hickory Nut Falls

(1) Lake Lure, NC
gem Favorite Trail conditions and walking path.

The Beehive

(2) Bar Harbor, ME
gem Favorite Vineyard Lake

Vineyard Lake

(1) Kimberly, ID
gem Favorite Fire Tower #9

Cook Forest Fire Tower

(1) Marienv…, PA
gem Favorite Some of the more difficult sections of the trail.

Ta-Taki Waterfall.

(1) unknown, unknown
gem Favorite View from Big Moose Scenic Outlook ( with a dragonfly photobombing :D ).

Big Moose Scenic Outlook

(1) Greenville, ME