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Recommended Routes, Photos, & More

gem Favorite The Whale: Rock formation in Carlsbad Caverns on the way to the Big Room.

Carlsbad Cavern

(25) Whites…, NM
gem Favorite The view from the top of Table Rock makes climbing it worth the effort!

Table Rock Viewpoint

(7) Pickens, SC
gem Favorite Lower Glen Alpine Falls early morning, just off the road before the trailhead. Popular tourist spot.

Lower Glen Alpine Falls

(3) South L…, CA
gem Favorite Badwater Basin

Badwater Basin

(37) Badwater, CA
gem Favorite The north face of Mount Thielsen from Howlock Mountain.

Summit of Mount Thielsen

(3) Crater…, OR
gem Favorite Point Wilson Lighthouse at Fort Worden State Park.

Point Wilson Lighthouse

(2) Port To…, WA
gem Favorite Historic Hulston Mill

Hulston Grist Mill

(1) Greenfield, MO
gem Favorite Dungeness Spit Lighthouse

New Dungeness Lighthouse

(2) Sequim, WA
gem Favorite About halfway up to the top of the canyon - you can see the fall colors around the lower portion of the trail below.

The Notch Viewpoint

(8) Pine Sp…, TX
gem Favorite Guadalupe Mountains, Guadalupe Mountains National Park, Texas, USA

Frijole Ranch

(4) Pine Sp…, TX
gem Favorite Just a walk through Lusk Wilderness

Secret Canyon

(2) Harrisburg, IL
gem Favorite Natural Bridge

Natural Bridge

(2) Harrisburg, IL
gem Favorite Taking a break in Saltpeter Cave.

Saltpeter Cave

(3) Harrisburg, IL
gem Favorite Catherine Creek Arch

Catherine Creek Arch

(2) White S…, WA
gem Favorite You can still see the marks left by the axes, used by the pioneers of old to split the logs.

Ginnett Mine

(4) Anacortes, WA
gem Favorite Balanced rock, viewable from afar as well as up close like this. Very cool landmark.

Echo Cliffs and Balanced Rock

(4) Casa Co…, CA
gem Favorite Clouds begin to fill the sky looking north from Sandstone Peak.

Sandstone Peak

(7) Casa Co…, CA
gem Favorite Murphy Ranch

Murphy Ranch

(7) Santa M…, CA
gem Favorite Los Angeles

Griffith Observatory

(8) Hollywood, CA
gem Favorite A rare ice climbing adventure in Southern Illinois.

Indian Kitchen

(3) Golconda, IL
gem Favorite Lime Kiln Lighthouse

Lime Kiln Lighthouse

(3) Friday…, WA
gem Favorite What's left of the Peter Iredale.

Wreck of the Peter Iredale

(4) Warrenton, OR
gem Favorite Old Point Loma Lighthouse

Old Point Loma Lighthouse

(5) Coronado, CA
gem Favorite Root Glacier access taken in 2014.  Mt. Blackburn is the snow-capped mountain.

Root Glacier

(2) Kennecott , AK
gem Favorite Bonanza Mine ruins

Bonanza Mine

(1) Kennecott , AK
gem Favorite Beginning of the Trail

Cottonwood Spring Oasis

(10) Indio, CA
gem Favorite The Iron Gates

Samaria Gorge - Iron Gates

(2) Chóra S…, GR
gem Favorite Panorama Point, Capital Reef.

Mummy Cliff from Panorama Point

(7) Loa, UT
gem Favorite Mount Hood from the summit of Mount Defiance

Mount Defiance

(6) Cascade…, OR
gem Favorite Milky Way over Arch Rock

Arch Rock

(25) Twentyn…, CA