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Mount Teneriffe Trail
Tanner, WA May 31, 2019
Mount Teneriffe Trail Tanner, WA
May 31, 2019
Notes: 11.5 mi — 2h 20m : I ran up Kamikaze trail and down Mt. Teneriffe trail to make a loop. If you fo up Kamikaze, prepare for 2.5k of gain in 1.5 miles. Killer climb.
Sleeping Beauty
Carson, WA May 27, 2019
Sleeping Beauty Carson, WA
May 27, 2019
Notes: 2.6 mi — 45m : No snow at all. Amazing views. Be cautious of road conditions and avoid FS 5601 at all costs. That was a total nightmare.
Augspurger Trail #4407
Carson, WA May 26, 2019
Augspurger Trail #4407 Carson, WA
May 26, 2019
Notes: 8 mi — 1h 45m : Caught the wildflower bloom. Went up Augspurger and down the outer loop leg of Dog Mountain. Amazing stuff.
PCT: Cascade Locks to Highway 12 (at White Pass)
Cascade Locks, OR May 25, 2019
PCT: Cascade Locks to Highway 12 (at White Pass) Cascade Locks, OR
May 25, 2019
Notes: 16.4 mi — 3h 30m : Ran it to Table Mountain. Was fantastic. Be prepared to scramble for Dog.
Mount Defiance Trail #413
Hood River, OR May 24, 2019
Mount Defiance Trail #413 Hood River, OR
May 24, 2019
Notes: 14 mi — 2h 50m : Still reeling from the Eagle Creek Fire. Be very careful. Amazing and challenging run.
Taylor Mountain Loop
Hobart, WA May 20, 2019
Taylor Mountain Loop Hobart, WA
May 20, 2019
Notes: 14 mi — 2h 0m : Added Holders Knob to bump up the mileage. Slightly muddy as it was raining the night prior.
Mailbox Peak Trail
Riverbend, WA May 15, 2019
Mailbox Peak Trail Riverbend, WA
May 15, 2019
Notes: 2h 0m : No snow, clean path. The top is always difficult, but still runnable if you are careful.
Mt. Si
Tanner, WA May 12, 2019
Mt. Si Tanner, WA
May 12, 2019
Notes: 2h 0m : Lots of attendants on Sunday morning. Always a great, challenging run.
Rattlesnake Mountain Trail
Snoqualmie, WA Dec 24, 2018
Rattlesnake Mountain Trail Snoqualmie, WA
Dec 24, 2018
Notes: 11.6 mi — 1h 30m : Make sure to wear your trail runners as the snow gets relatively deep around 3 miles into the run. Otherwise fantastic run.