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Heizer Trail to Manitou Reservoir
Cascade-Chipita Park, CO Aug 23, 2022
Heizer Trail to Manitou Reservoir Cascade-Chipita Park, CO
Aug 23, 2022
Notes: 6.8 mi — 2h 30m : I didn't run it but's still very nice
Mt. Evans Ridge Trail #51
Georgetown, CO Aug 2, 2022
Mt. Evans Ridge Trail #51 Georgetown, CO
Aug 2, 2022
Notes: 2.4 mi — 2h 59m : Last .6 miles were very rocky and steep. Hard to follow. Cannot run, I hiked it. Be careful
Woods Lake Trail #5406
Rico, CO Jul 21, 2022
Woods Lake Trail #5406 Rico, CO
Jul 21, 2022
Notes: 4.5 mi — 1h 34m : I hiked the trail. Super easy to follow. Hiking was relaxing, definitely worked hard for those views. Running would be tough but doable
Mount Audubon
Nederland, CO Jul 4, 2022
Mount Audubon Nederland, CO
Jul 4, 2022
Notes: 7.7 mi — 5h 22m : Did not run just limped up the trail. It's kinda wet but not horrible. Very Rocky. LOOSE ROCK
Silver Dollar Lake Trail #79
Georgetown, CO Aug 22, 2021
Silver Dollar Lake Trail #79 Georgetown, CO
Aug 22, 2021
Notes: 2.1 mi : Hiking
M. Walter Pesman Trail #50
Georgetown, CO Jul 5, 2021
M. Walter Pesman Trail #50 Georgetown, CO
Jul 5, 2021
Notes: 2.6 mi — 58m : Steep in two places, traction is helpful but not necessary. Can't get lost. Lung burner
Mt. Bierstadt – West Slopes
Georgetown, CO Jun 14, 2021
Mt. Bierstadt – West Slopes Georgetown, CO
Jun 14, 2021
Notes: 7.2 mi — 4h 45m : The flat first mile and Change is so much nicer to get the blood flowing. Easy on the joints The incline is steady but not horrible. Bouldering stinks
West Spanish Peak Trail to Summit
San Luis, CO Aug 25, 2020
West Spanish Peak Trail to Summit San Luis, CO
Aug 25, 2020
Notes: 3.6 mi — 4h 14m : Hiked and the last mile is a bitch.
Devil's Playground (#664A)
Cascade-Chipita Park, CO Aug 17, 2020
Devil's Playground (#664A) Cascade-Chipita Park, CO
Aug 17, 2020
Notes: 4.1 mi — 4h 0m : Middle part is the steepest and take your time on the downhill. Start earlier if you wanna do pikes peak too
Richmond Trail #6250
Telluride, CO Jul 20, 2020
Richmond Trail #6250 Telluride, CO
Jul 20, 2020
Notes: 2.9 mi — 3h 35m : Walked up to roger and then did Kuvira point. Hayden too technical. Roger pass is very unforgiving COMPLETELY uphill and exposure is crazy
Mount Flora
Winter Park, CO Jul 14, 2020
Mount Flora Winter Park, CO
Jul 14, 2020
Notes: 6.4 mi — 3h 25m : I hiked. There is a false summit and that is the steepest part after the saddle. There's one mile to go of relatively flat terrain after. Very windy!
Herman Gulch Trail #98
Georgetown, CO Jul 7, 2020
Herman Gulch Trail #98 Georgetown, CO
Jul 7, 2020
Notes: 6.6 mi — 3h 14m : Walked it. Slightly muddy in places but overall wonderful gentle incline. The lake is nice. Pettingell is the hard part so pace yourself. Good shade
Quandary Peak
Breckenridge, CO Jun 20, 2020
Quandary Peak Breckenridge, CO
Jun 20, 2020
Notes: 10.3 mi — 6h 18m : Do not go up on a weekend. Took about 20 min to aclimate and there was an unavoidable traffic jam the second half of the hike.
Dillon Reservoir Recpath
Frisco, CO Jun 5, 2020
Dillon Reservoir Recpath Frisco, CO
Jun 5, 2020
Notes: 19.7 mi — 2h 10m : Biked. start with the rough hill on swan Mt. The rest is rolling. Didn't feel it till mile 14. 3L of water is just enough
Grizzly Peak
Keystone, CO May 21, 2020
Grizzly Peak Keystone, CO
May 21, 2020
Notes: 4.1 mi — 2h 21m : Don't do the hike unless it's absolutely calm out. The wind year it gets the harder it is to do grizzly Peak. But easier than Sniktau.
Mt. Sniktau Trail
Keystone, CO May 18, 2020
Mt. Sniktau Trail Keystone, CO
May 18, 2020
Notes: 3.6 mi — 2h 47m : 1 mile added for parking in different lot. False summit and a couple boulder fields. Easy to navigate. Winds 20mph at the worst. Amazing views.
Chief Mountain Trail #58
Idaho Springs, CO May 17, 2020
Chief Mountain Trail #58 Idaho Springs, CO
May 17, 2020
Notes: 2.9 mi — 1h 16m : Carried 15lb pack. Tough grades hills when completely covered w snow. Did not run. don't go on weekend!
Mule Deer Trail
Central City, CO May 12, 2020
Mule Deer Trail Central City, CO
May 12, 2020
Notes: 9.1 mi — 2h 18m : I walked probably a mile and a half of it. Higher altitude snowy. Relatively narrow singletrack
Lair o' the Bear Out and Back
Genesee, CO May 8, 2020
Lair o' the Bear Out and Back Genesee, CO
May 8, 2020
Notes: 6.8 mi — 1h 15m : 2.6 miles in you can take a little hidden path that cuts off the false summit and saves your knees. It's through the trees very gentle to the left
Mount Falcon West Loop
Indian Hills, CO Apr 29, 2020
Mount Falcon West Loop Indian Hills, CO
Apr 29, 2020
Notes: 3.6 mi — 39m : Completely dry best to do it counter clockwise. Steep parts are steep. Best lookouts are on the main loop